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Heroes of Paragon City assemble! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
City of Heroes - Pinnacle server

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Whee. [Jul. 21st, 2006|10:58 pm]
City of Heroes - Pinnacle server

I spent way too much time on CoH today. But, Midnight Mystic is now a mere 14 blips to level 50. I was in the most awesome group today that changed people a few times as they came and went, but everyone was exceptional.

And, of course, I can't remember all their names so will not even try. The leader was umm. Fox something? Something Fox. I am horrid with names. A bad day left my brain swiss cheese like in consistancy.

Still, to anyone reading this who was on the team, thanks for a really fun day. :)

50 is so close. Yay. Just need to wait for my husband to be home before I hit it so he can be there too.

This double xp thing is fun. It's nice to see people out and about. Hopefully it will stay picked up some.
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Giving some love to my tanker [Nov. 11th, 2005|09:00 am]
City of Heroes - Pinnacle server

[mood |tough]

Well my primary's up to around 40 and so I want to do some work getting my Tanker (Adam Smasher Inv/Em 29) a little further ahead (around level 36). If you want to team with me, I'll be on most evenings after 9 Eastern save Fridays and am primarily interested in Croatoa.
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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2005|03:41 pm]
City of Heroes - Pinnacle server
[mood |creative]

Me being the tricky little jerk I can be sometimes, I got around to starting an in-character journal for stories of one of my toons. I won't cross-post spam and post all of those stories here, but invite people to come check them out. ;)

-@Cybernetic Hobo
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Earning a Title [Oct. 24th, 2005|07:33 am]
City of Heroes - Pinnacle server

Normally, when a toon of mine hits 16, I forego choosing a title for a few levels. Partially, this is because I just don't bother reading that I can now choose a title and it doesn't hit me till a few levels later. Partially, it's because I don't care for some of them.

Veiled Warrior is my latest Scrapper experiment, and the one that's actually working so far. She was running around at level 16 late at night when I picked up Atta. It being late night, there was of course nobody around to team with, so I figured I'd go in there and at least beat up a few trolls before I got murdered.

Veiled Warrior, Level 16, Rugged

I solo'd Atta. 158 trolls, including Guards (Yes, I counted...wanted to see how long it took before I went down) plus Atta himself. It was, to say the least, a harrowing experience, and it took me a solid hour of work to get to the big Troll. After I picked off his buddies in his throne cavern, I took on Atta himself. I nearly bit the bullet here and got dropped into the red zone more than a couple of times, but Siphon Life and Dark Regeneration pulled my butt out of the hole before he could bury me in. It finally reached the point where we were both nearly down for the count, and I was out of inspirations save rez's, so I yanked him towards the entrance of the throne cavern, just in case I fell so I could save myself the hospital trip. Then he turns around and runs from me because he's nearly dead. Naturally, rather than doing the intelligent thing and pulling back into the tunnels to rest, I charged him to finish the fight. I am quite thrilled to announce that through a combination of sheer gut and raw luck, I came out on top of that fight, so I had zero deaths the entire mission.

Atta dinged me to 17, so I ran off to get my new slots before logging. Then I see that little title choosing thing. I do believe "The Daring" qualifies for her after that.
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2005|04:15 am]
City of Heroes - Pinnacle server

I don't normally tell stories about my pick-up groups. I don't normally tell stories about the bad ones, or the really bad ones, nor the good ones, nor the fantastic ones. Only groups with an incredible story to tell make it to my posts that exist for the sole reason of spamming your friends page.

This pick up group, however, bears a storytelling, but not for the reason that you might think when you start reading it. It bears the telling because it made me realize something that I think I knew all along and never really knew I knew.

RespecCollapse )

The bubbler tells me with "Well, what do you know?" I can only respond with "I know nothing." I know absolutely nothing about CoH now.

I amend that, having had time to think about it. I knew nothing about CoH at that point, because I was looking at the characters and the players. I was looking at the builds and the styles and I knew they were builds and styles that just did not work. And yet, once a system of attack was put in place and everybody stuck tight together, it worked.

Thus, all I knew about CoH before was wrong. It doesn't take a good team of good builds to do something tough. It takes a team of people who listen and who figure out a way to click. It takes somebody to lead them and guide them by finding ways to mesh all of their abilities into one. It takes their raw guts and each individual's willingness to play a little outside of whatever comfort zone they established in the last team they were in.

THAT is how a pug will work.

Oh, sure, you can get a pug and marvel at how it clicks when it's a group of solid, experienced players with tried and true tested builds. But for a totally fresh pick up with new players, it just takes learning and leadership. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at this. How many times have I been in a Hollows mission that's going downhill, then it suddenly turned easy once somebody drove forth a plan of action? Sometimes, that person was me, and sometimes, it wasn't.

I look back at my early days of playing and realize that's what I got out of them. All those wasted levels in the Hollows with Hobo taught me to avoid the Hollows for the idiots who were unwilling to learn, but the good teams I was with also taught me the value of leadership and cooperation in a team. Too many new players, I think, think that they can come into CoH and treat it like it's EQ or WoW or Diablo--that everybody can run in and use their powers and play their trump cards and strengths and that everything will just up and work because of it. They don't realize that teaming in CoH actually MEANS something.

It means a lot, actually.

Ask the folks on my global channel how much I complain and moan about every pug I'm in and the idiocy that reigns. They'll tell you I'm a loud complainer about it. And yet, now, I think I'll take a different tract. Rather than moan and complain, I'll put forth a course of action. Who knows, maybe it'll actually turnt he group around from Sucks to Kick Ass.

hm....maybe I should start taking the Leadership pool more often.
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Gah! [Oct. 17th, 2005|03:26 am]
City of Heroes - Pinnacle server

Okay. That's it. Time for another short rant.

I've absolutely had it with this. How often has it happened to you?

Earlier today, I'm running with a peacebringer. Now, said peacebringer absolutely must have a level 50. Hence, it can be assumed that said peacebringer knows at the very least the basics of the game, no? We run a couple of missions. In these missions, this peacebringer doesn't seem to understand the concept of aggro, or even stopping between fights. I shrugged this off mostly because we were doing just fine keeping up a fast pace, but it was something I noticed, nonetheless. Then we come out of a mission and the next one gets selected. This mission is in Boomtown. So, we head over there. First thing out of the pb's mouth: Where is Boomtown?

I assumed this was a joke. But no, he was quite serious. He wandered off to Skyway, so I assumed it was a natural mistake. After all, how often, especially while sleep deprived, does the average player confuse Boomtown and Faultline? It happens. But he went from Skyway to King's Row, and from King's Row back into IP, then laughed and asked if he needed to go to Bricks. We politely directed him through Steel and I wondered how this had happened.

A few minutes ago, I ran with a group of players who, by all accounts, seemed to know what they were doing. It was a Hollows pick up group, which made me cringe, but by and large, everything went out fine. One of them had some interesting takes on pure empaths, considering them useless because they had no attacks and thought that damage was more important than healing, but that's sort of a personal opinion, I guess. It indirectly came up that they had many higher level characters, which I had begun to assume through their style of play, anyway. Now, what about this made it very interesting is that the first mission we ran was the kill-all Circle mission just before you access the COT trial. They had the misfortune of drawing the map with all of those wonderful demon-summoning portals. None of them knew that if you aggro said portals, they will continue to spew out demons until the portal is destroyed.

Well, okay, I figure, maybe they're just really good newbies. It's rare, but it DOES happen, right? I'd like to think that I was one myself at some point, but maybe I'm must being arrogant.

Most of the team leaves after we run a Frostfire (having abandoned the Circle mission because the demons' numbers were simply too overwhelming), and all that's left is me and the tank, who just grabbed 16th level. She states "I think I can buy level 20's now. Where do I do that?"

So, I correct her and point out that she can buy 15 DO's now, or could save her money till she hits 17 and get the 20's. She tells me she has two level 50's with millions. However, she has absolutely no clue where to buy DO's.

These are just today's additions in the long, long line of me asking "How?" How is any of this possible? I don't want to be an ass and assume they just PL'd their characters, but there comes a point where one must wonder how anything else could be the case. Past events include such other charming times as another group I ran with that was composed half of which of people who claimed to have beta tested the game and had anywhere between two and four level 50's, yet all of whom absolutely sucked--thereby either proving the lie or, possibly worse, proving that level 50 or beta testing does not in and of itself mean you know how to PLAY the game.

Now, I could understand it every once in awhile. Even good, intelligent players do dumb things sometimes, whether by accident or because they simply aren't paying attention. But what sort of game is this where people who are completely clueless or just plain bad succeed anyway? HOW can anybody have a Kheldian (and this isn't the first time this has happened) and NOT know things like where Boomtown is, or how to get to Perez (I really wish I were joking), or where to buy DO's, or, my personal favorite, that there is indeed a trainer in Talos and that he does NOT have to go all the way back to Atlas to level.

This is by no means a jab at higher levels out of jealousy of not having a 50 yet myself. (Hobo's almost 42...slowly, the stone grinds away...) Rather, this is me being seriously sick that some people just don't grow out of their stupidity, yet manage to succeed through it, anyway.

End rant, for now.
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Getting a couple Trials together [Oct. 6th, 2005|02:28 pm]
City of Heroes - Pinnacle server

[mood |hopefulhopeful]

Figured I'd post it here too.

I'm looking to get the Eden and Terra Volta (Freakshow) trials together. It'd be evenings, starting around 9ish Eastern US time, probably Friday/Saturday this weekend.

Let me know if you're interested.

My gchat is my LJ ID. The character is Sis of No Mercy (BS/Inv 39)
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Not my best day [Sep. 11th, 2005|07:35 pm]
City of Heroes - Pinnacle server

[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

Failed my first mission this afternoon. Sad part is it's one I've soloed and beat, stop troll leadership fights in 75 minutes. Today I was with a pick-up group, that wasn't a bad, just not balanced at all. 4 blasters, 3 scrappers, and a defender(the leader) with no de-buffs slotted. As people dropped the leader would recruit and would recruit poorly. We got the the last room and had 3 minutes to kill 50 plus trolls and destroy the last drug cache.

lvl 15 sonic/energy blaster

PS anyone else having troubles with finding toons with empathy pool?
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Well, it's that time... [Aug. 14th, 2005|01:36 pm]
City of Heroes - Pinnacle server

Hobo is a few bars away from grabbing 37, and you know what that means--a massive overhaul of every enhancement he has. Ordinarily, I'd just upgrade whatever he's got without any switchouts, but since it's 37 and I may be stuck with whatever I take for awhile, I thought I might actually vary my playstyle for once. With that in mind, how's about you all take a look at the build thus far and supply what criticisms/comments/ideas you can.

Also, I'm wondering if I should just wait till 38 to do the enhancement swap-outs and set them all as 40+'s instead of 40's, just to save a little money and have them last that little bit longer. On the other hand, I don't really want to run an entire level with -2 enhancements. It's been bad enough doing it with -1's. :(

The Hobo's Build Is Behind The Cut, YoCollapse )

Also, I'm half-thinking of using the I5 respec to essentially sell everything I have now when I do the build-over to get that extra bit of cash. I'm pretty happy with the build as it stands, but that still seems like a potential waste of a respec, and there's no guarantee I won't change my mind after the big 40.
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