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Looking for Supergroup Members (OMNI Patrol on Pinnacle) [Oct. 9th, 2007|10:17 am]
City of Heroes - Pinnacle server


So here's the way things have worked out...

I used to belong to a huge supergroup, but when only four people would be on at any given time and would never answer SG chat, I decided to leave that to start a group with my friend who just got the game. We formed OMNI Patrol, and my character's backstory seemed to fit in pretty uniquely.

Turns out that his old WoW guild has begged him to come back, so he's leaving me in charge of the group. So far, it is him, myself, a bunch of our alts, and whenever I see my other friend online, him. I hope the original founder will get back to the game, but the Behemoth calls him with a new expansion soon.

Anybody want to join a supergroup? It's nothing exciting, or super RP-strict or necessarily theme-oriented, but groups for me are about having regular people around to chill out and do missions with, rather than building the biggest base or organizing three-hour officers' meetings.

I'm looking for anyone who plans to use their toon with reasonable frequency (I usually get an hour and a bit a day, so I'm not hardcore myself) and wouldn't mind being in a SG for the social friendly aspect. You can find me at @Cosmo Lathrax globally.

Also, if there are any SGs that'd be up for a coalition, that'd be fun, too! My whole desire is to find new people and friends within CoX, and PUGs don't seem to do it for me.

This was x-posted on city_of_heroes, too.